About Us

University Leadership Initiative is an undocumented immigrant-youth led organization based in Austin, TX.

We are non-partisan grassroots organizers whose mission is to educate, empower and fight alongside our immigrant community to put an end to deportations and social inequities.


Our Guiding Principles

Our principles are what guide the vision of our organization. Each principle represents an inequity we aim to reform in our lifelong work as organizers and people impacted by institutional and historical inequity.

o We believe that love manifests through the practice of understanding an individual wholly. We arrive from all walks of life, and should strive to actively love right here and now.
o We believe in support for our community. As a community it is our duty to uplift one another. As human beings we must learn to protect those in need as if they were a loved one.
o We believe in the validation of each individual’s humanity and existence regardless of documentation or lack of state.
o We have the freedom to choose our own future regardless of any imposed stereotypes and existing systems of oppression.
o We believe that these systems are put in place to enforce and maintain modern forms of slavery. We should all have the right to move throughout our day without fear of law enforcement, deportation, and detainment. Policing creates intimidation and fear, and is therefore not an effective way to protect our community.
o We believe that the separation of families due to human-made borders is an unjust exercise of governmental control over immigrant families. We believe that families that have been broken and separated by such borders deserve the support needed to be reunified with loved ones.
o The family dynamic is the fundamental unit of a growing society. Immigrant families bring different cultures, values, ideals, and perspectives that coalesce with the advancement of any society.
o We believe that in order to grow and advance society we all must have access to a lifestyle in which no one is living the minimal or having difficulties acquiring the simple resources.
o Having access to such resources is not only a necessity but an integral part of what keeps a community growing. Our community leaders should not deny or delay access to these healthy resources.

o We believe that a quality education is fundamental to the advancement of our society. There should be no barriers financially or otherwise to access, at all levels.
o Education is the key to liberation as it empowers the oppressed.
o It is the duty of all to teach one another: each one, teach one.
o We support and encourage all forms and expressions of femininity.
o We believe that in this patriarchal society, femininity should not be linked to weakness.
o We believe in building a safe environment for all women free from sexism, misogyny, femicide, and male-centeredness.
o We believe that every individual is created equally and deserves the same protection and opportunity without being discriminated against regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.
o We believe in an end to heteronormativity, gender norms, and gender inequity, and affirm the existence of people within, and outside of, the spectrum of sexual identities and gender identities.
o We believe no being has the right to deny or complicate another human’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
o We believe that we carry generational, historical, and cultural acts of violence that must be addressed.
o Violence is interconnected – when any individual is attacked, we are all under attack.
o We believe that select voices run our society, and oppress the common people. By organizing the community, we begin to listen to the needs of one another and create equity within the gaps. Even the most vulnerable individual deserves the right to be heard.

We demand the value of human life.

Our Leaders

The role of a leader is to create new leaders. The role of a community organizer is to believe that we can win. Learn and reach out to our leaders through our current social medias!

Want to worship with us?

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