(50) Pallet Rack Drop Pin – J Bolt Safety Clip – Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin

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(50) Pallet Rack Drop Pin – J Bolt Safety Clip – Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin Description

Buy (50) Pallet Rack Drop Pins for your new or used pallet rack system. Our pallet racking safety pins offer a secure safety connection from the pallet rack cross beam to the upright frame. Our pallet racking drop pin meets the recommendation of the OSHA & ANSI article 5.4.2 explaining the pallet rack beam locking device requirements “Beam Locking Device Except for movable-shelf racks, beams subject to machine loading shall have connection locking devices (or bolts) capable of resisting an upward force of 1,000 pounds (453.6 kg) per connection without failure or disengagement.” Our universal designed pallet rack beam safety clip or pallet rack drop pins are compatible in most styles of standard selective pallet rack systems often including manufacturers such as: Interlake Mecalux, Speedrack, Ridg-U-Rak, USP, Husky, Paltier… Product Details:  One Box = 50 individual pallet rack pins (50 pins can provide 25 cross beams with complete Beam Locking Devices)  Product Dimensions = .30” in diameter (see Image)  Product Class = Pallet Rack Safety Accessory meeting OSHA & ANSI Specifications for a Beam Locking Device. Compatibility = Most styles of standard selective teardrop pallet rack warehouse shelving systems, As long as the cross beams and upright frames have 3/8” or .30” aligning holes  Inventory = Thousands In Stock When it comes to OSHA and your pallet racking safety, OSHA partners with ANSI to create standards for pallet rack safety and maintenance. ANSI has published: “Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks” with the following detail: ANSI MH16.1: 2012 (a revision of MH16.1: 2008) “In the interest of safety, all users of storage racks are advised to regularly inspect and properly maintain the structural integrity of their storage rack systems by assuring proper operational, housekeeping and maintenance procedures.” This would include replacing all damaged or missing pallet rack safety clips.

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