Bosch L-Boxx-3D Storage Box with Space for Removable Drawers

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Bosch L-Boxx-3D Storage Box with Space for Removable Drawers Description

Product description Includes Medium Tool Storage Case – L-BOXX-3D Bosch’s Click & Go System Bosch L-BOXX-3D storage case with space for removable drawers. view larger Optional insert drawer with 12-piece organizer set (sold separately). view larger Optional insert drawer with 10-piece organizer set (sold separately). view larger Bosch L-BOXX-3D storage case shown with the lid closed. view larger Optional bulk storage drawer (sold separately). view larger Bosch L-BOXX-3D Storage Case with Space for Removable Drawers As part of the Bosch Click & Go storage system, this Bosch L-BOXX-3D storage case provides exceptional versatility and convenience. The L-BOXX-3D features a traditional top opening combined with a front opening with space for removable drawers. Five different options make it easy to build a personalized storage system. Choose from two ready-to-carry cases with organizers (i-BOXX53-12 and i-BOXX72-10) or without organizers (i-BOXX53 and i-BOXX72) or the bulk storage drawer (LST92-OD). Top and side handles on the storage case help ensure comfortable carrying positions for all situations. The L-BOXX-3D is compatible with the following items: i-BOXX53, i-BOXX53-12, i-BOXX72, i-BOXX72-10, LST92-OD, FOAM-101, FOAM-201, ORG72-10, ORG53-12, L-BOXX-1, L-BOXX-2, L-BOXX-3, L-BOXX-4, and L-BOXX-1A. Bosch’s Click & Go System Now more than ever, today’s professional contractors, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, and installers alike know that time is money. Studies indicate that professionals can easily improve productivity by reducing time spent searching for tools, sorting through their trucks, and organizing supplies. The Bosch Click & Go system allows users to efficiently organize, store, and transport their tools and accessories. The Bosch L-BOXX–An Intelligent Transport and Storage System The innovative click system allows for easy connection and disconnection of any number of L-BOXX’s. With the ease of single-click stacking, each L-BOXX easily locks together for easy transport and handling. Top, front, and side handles offer three carrying options for comfort in all situations (L-BOXX-1, L-BOXX-1A, L-BOXX-2) and four compatible height options allow users to choose the appropriate size L-BOXX for various tool sizes. For added peace of mind, the L-BOXX case features a water-resistant design to prevent water from entering case in the back of your truck or on the jobsite (not IP65 rated). In addition, Bosch, Sortimo, and Knapheide have partnered to bring you innovative tools, storage solutions, and the ideal vehicle configuration for the job. Safety, flexibility, efficiency, and quick access to the right tools for the job can give you more time in your day to get back what’s really important. Improved Productivity All Bosch L-BOXX products offer flexible storage solutions for their users–making them unique in the current marketplace. With better customizable organization, downtime spent searching for tools and parts becomes non-existent. In addition, fewer trips will have to be made from the workshop or storage unit and to the store, since your tools and accessories can now be stored in one custom, organized area. The simple click feature allows you to never lose time on the jobsite again Keep your work truck organized at all times with the L-BOXX storage organization system Transportation has never been easier with the simple technology of the L-BOXX family System Features The L-BOXX Family   L-BOXX-1 L-BOXX-1A L-BOXX-2 L-BOXX-3 L-BOXX-4 Single-Click Stacking Top, Front, and Side Handles     L-BOXX Height (Inches) 4-1/2 4-1/2 6 10 15 L-BOXX Width (Inches) 17-1/2 17-1/2 17-1/2 17-1/2 17-1/2 L-BOXX Length (Inches) 14 14 14 14 14 Comfortable Locking Clips Water Resistant Design Compatibility Matrix-Tools with Exact-Fit Inlays PS31-2AL1A PS31-2AL1A DDS181-02L CCS180BL 1619EVS SKC120-202L   HDS181-02L CRS180BL MRC23EVS PS21BN*   SKC181-101* BSH180BL MRP23EVS PS41BN*   JSH180BL FNH180BL-16 1617EVSP PS50BN*   25618BL     PS60BN*   HDH181BL     PS10BN*   DDS181BL     PS11BN*         PS31BN*         PS70BN*         PS130BN*         PS31-2AL         *L-BOXX sold separately

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