Garage Gator 66051K Kayak & Canoe Kayak & Canoe Motorized Storage Lift

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Garage Gator 66051K Kayak & Canoe Kayak & Canoe Motorized Storage Lift Description

Kayak storage is a breeze with Prostate Garage Gator! lower the kayak & Canoe lift & overhead storage system, attach your kayak to the lift with the straps and hooks, and Press the button. This system installs easily on indoor garage ceilings to store and protect kayaks, canoes, surfboards, Paddle boards, and paddles. Garage Gator is so easy to use! a Wired key-access controller reels the super-strong storage lift bar up and down, saving you heavy lifting and possible injury. Use the Nylon kayak straps on the lift bar to securely hold your kayak in place, preventing damage, scrapes, or scratches to your canoes, boards, or boats while not in use. This kit comes ready to use with an installation kit to mount the Electric motor to the ceiling, a Wired button controller, keys to Lock the controller, a 4 ft. Lift bar that attaches to cables from the motor. You also receive a pair of adjustable 8 ft. Kayak straps to store your equipment safely. Ships in 2 cartons.

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